The Coding Samurai

The Coding Samurai book cover
Cover concept for The Coding Samurai

“The Coding Samurai” is the Samurai code inspired IT career guide brought to life through a sci-fi narrative.

In the year 2036, a diverse group of talented IT neophytes draw upon the ancient wisdom of the Bushido Shoshinshu to stop a genius megalomaniac from wielding the power of a global quantum computing platform to launch his mind-infecting marketing software on the world. Tech-savvy Artemis, Kyra and friends live in Lepton Mountain, West Virginia, a city of the future near Washington, D.C. While interning at Boom! Snap! Pow! Marketing, they discover that navigating the corporate world requires a lot more than technical skills. They find help in Artemis’ college graduation gift from his mentor, a book called The Coding Samurai: The Way of the Computer Warrior.


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