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Healing for emotional, relational, and spiritual wounds




I'm currently working as a therapist in a very limited capacity--and only with current clients. I'm not currently able to take on new clients or maintain a wait list. This status is not likely to change any time in the near future.

I'm a psychotherapist in Minneapolis. I love nature, art, and travel. I study Chinese language and ancient Chinese philosophy. Before becoming a therapist, I was a touring musician and wrote software for organizations such as NASA and Mayo Clinic.

​My approach to therapy combines my own life experiences with my broad training in counseling psychology's theories and applications. I have also created my own spiritual framework that combines ancient traditions with modern psychology and cognitive science.

Because of my commitment to easing suffering, I work with people regardless of their sex, gender, race, or political leanings. I believe everyone deserves access to therapy whether you live in an urban or rural area and regardless of who you vote for in elections.



I've written books to help people navigate therapy and careers.

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