Healing for emotional, relational and spiritual wounds




I'm a psychotherapist in Minneapolis. My style is influenced by Hakomi, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, relational psychotherapy and Daoism. I also have more than 20 years of experience writing software for organizations such as NASA and Mayo Clinic.

I'm a student of body-mind therapies, enactive cognitive science, Daoism, and taiji.

My approach to therapy combines my own life experiences with my broad training in counseling psychology's theories and applications.


As a technologist, I also have co-founded a mental health technology platform to help therapists forge stronger therapeutic relationships.

Email me at ian@ianfelton.com to make an appointment.



I've written books to help people navigate therapy and careers.



I'm co-host of a Daoist podcast. We talk about ancient wisdom, modern psychology, and how to navigate our chaotic world.