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Psychotherapy Deliberate Practice Group

"If you consider something difficult, it's bound to become easy. If you consider something easy, it's bound to become hard." -- Laozi

Almost every therapist wants to help ease people's suffering. Unfortunately, most therapists don't become the therapists they are meant to be. A large study of therapist outcomes shows that over time, most therapists' skills tend to slowly degrade. Why is that and what can be done about it?

Practicing Karate

The philosophy behind this practice group leans on research that indicates therapists can improve with regular, deliberate practice and reflecting on their sessions in a meaningful way. This practice group is intended to help you stay on the path.

The principles of this practice group are focused on the commitment to practicing psychotherapy with peers in a safe space. The group isn't a politically-oriented group. We are focused on those of any practice orientation and background who simply want to participate in an experiential psychotherapy practice group. The makeup of the group is to include those with internal characteristics including sincerity, willingness, respect, openness, and engagement.

We have technology available to help our group and us individually grow in meaningful ways. Our group is centered on application and feedback. We might explore techniques from ACT, Hakomi, CBT, DBT, and other modalities. We will practice them and give each other kind, honest feedback. Our practice will be centered in application, not on theory. This is not a case conceptualization group.

If this type of group sounds of interest to you, contact me.

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