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Ian's Music

Ian Felton, also known as "Silvanus" (Latin for "of the woods"), is a multifaceted artist whose life and work are deeply rooted in the lush landscapes of Appalachia. With a background as diverse as the music he creates, Ian has ventured through roles as a psychotherapist, entrepreneur, touring musician, and software developer with projects extending to prestigious organizations like NASA and the Mayo Clinic.


Ian's musical journey began alongside his brother Chris in their band Tungsten. Their unique blend of hillbilly punk rock captured hearts with the hit song "I Love Jello," a project sadly lost to history due to a stolen recording. Ian transitioned from his early punk rock days to a metal cover band called Snack during high school. His musical exploration continued in college with the southern rock band Barefeet and Company. Advancing his career, Ian played bass and sang for the hip hop band 2nd Naycha, touring the East Coast and recording with Grammy-nominated producer David Ivory in Philadelphia. Alongside his band activities, Ian has composed and recorded numerous songs independently, showcasing his versatility and deep connection to his craft.


Reflective of his INFJ personality, Ian's work is imbued with a sense of deep reflection and empathy. His approach to life and art is influenced by his upbringing in rural West Virginia, where he learned to listen deeply and empathize with the world around him.

kintsugi album cover.jpg


"Kintsugi" is a deeply emotive track that explores the poignant theme of finding beauty in brokenness, inspired by the Japanese art of the same name. Through its stirring lyrics, the song delves into the complexity of human emotions, highlighting the intertwining of joy and pain, loss and love. The poetic imagery paints a picture of life's fleeting moments, the fear of loss, and the universal struggle we all face. With its rich, resonant tones and compelling narrative, "Kintsugi" encourages listeners to embrace their imperfections and find strength in the scars that each of us carries. This song is a testament to resilience, the transformative power of healing, and the unexpected beauty that emerges when we repair what has been broken.


"Life is Sweet" is a poignant and evocative track that captures the fleeting magic of an unexpected encounter. With its ethereal melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song delves into the intensity of a moment shared between strangers, where time seems to stand still and emotions run deep. The singer's voice conveys a mix of vulnerability and awe, as they describe the rapid and overwhelming connection that makes the heart skip a beat and leaves them breathless.

The chorus, with its simple yet powerful repetition of "Life is sweet," serves as a tender reminder of the beauty found in these ephemeral connections. The song weaves a narrative of longing and serendipity, with imagery of frozen moments and celestial forces pulling two souls together. As the track progresses, it builds to a crescendo of emotion, reflecting the transformative power of these brief, intense experiences that remind us to cherish every sweet moment life offers.

DALL·E 2024-05-07 19.59.36 - Album cover design for 'Life is Sweet', inspired by Icelandic
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"Son of Silvanus" is an eclectic and audacious album that delves deep into the quirky and often whimsical world of its titular character, a fantastical figure that emerges from the earth itself. Through a series of vibrant and vivid songs, the album paints a portrait of a world where cats command the cosmos, and comic book heroes ponder their own existence.

The opening track, "Supreme Fur," introduces us to the album's protagonist, a cat with a mystic aura and a backstory filled with trials, transformations, and ninja skills. This song sets the tone for the album, blending rock vibes with narrative lyrics that feel like pages torn from a graphic novel. The anthem-like chorus, where everyone bows down to "Supreme Fur," is both grandiose and playful, capturing the essence of this larger-than-life character.


"Touch My Whiskers" takes a turn into the bluesy, sultry side of the feline world. It's a tongue-in-cheek love song from a cat to its admirer, filled with humor and a touch of sass. The lyrics playfully explore the complex social dynamics of the cat world, from breed preferences to the irresistible allure of Whisker Lickins and tuna broth. The repetitive, catchy chorus invites listeners into this cheeky romance.


"Tap Tap Tap" continues with the theme of feline antics, perfectly capturing the persistent and sometimes annoying behaviors of cats. The song's structure, with its repetitive "tap tap tap" hook, mimetically represents the cat's relentless pursuit of attention, making it a humorous and relatable track for anyone who's ever shared their home with a cat.


"Nowhere Fast" shifts the mood to a more introspective and somber tone. This track explores the struggles and self-doubt of a character who feels like they are making no progress, despite their efforts. The repeated line "He's going nowhere fast" serves as a poignant refrain that echoes the frustration and despair of feeling stuck.


"Comic Book Heroes Don't Die" is a philosophical exploration of the immortality of fictional heroes contrasted with the gritty reality of life. The song reflects on the paradox of comic book heroes, who, in their invulnerability, lose the very essence of what makes life meaningful: vulnerability and mortality. This track stands out for its deep lyrical content and the existential dilemma it presents.


"For You" is an intensely personal and romantic song that explores the limitations of physical and material expressions of love. The lyrics convey a deep yearning to connect on a more profound level, beyond the superficialities of "machinery," sex, and violence. It's a song about the struggle to express true love in a world that often reduces it to its physical components.


"Thanksgiving" closes the album on a satirical note, critiquing materialism and the pursuit of power. Through a darkly comedic lens, the song thanks various symbols of greed and control, juxtaposing genuine gratitude with a sarcastic acknowledgment of the things that society often values.


"Son of Silvanus" is an album that combines humor, satire, and deep emotion to create a unique musical experience. It invites listeners into a world where the ordinary is extraordinary, the mundane is magical, and every cat has its day. This is an album for those who appreciate the whimsical, the weird, and the wonderfully profound.

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